19 Dez
Johnny Cash´s to do list

Always set goals you will be able to reach as Johnny Cash did…

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13 Dez
Birthday gig between the Zillertal Alps on Dec. 8th

Thanks for the special evening and your HOSPITALITY. The mood was energetic and the crowd was great. Mucically, a lot happening that night… (It would have also been Jim Morrison´s 65 th birthday, as well as the comemoration of John Lennons Passing. Coincidence?)

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07 Dez
Make us famous…

Ok dear followers. 6 days have passed since the release of our first homepage, so I thought it’s about time to add some random phrases and occasional ranting. So what’s happening at the moment? Well, we’re preparing for our upcoming gigs. And by preparing I mean deciding on who’s responsible for the batteries of our recording tool and whose turn it is to buy some more beer. Yep we’re recording a few new tunes *excited*. Aren’t overcompensating emotions on virtual platforms amazing *irony*, *Indifference*.

Let’s make the second part of this dreadful text a little more educational. Let me explain why in theory it is easy to become famous but in practise it’s a nightmare.

According to a scientific Journal, about one-third of Americans were suffering from something called “celebrity-worship syndrome”. How can that be?
Let me explain some basic mechanisms of why some sods are rich and famous.

1. Conformity

Yes, Yes I know we’re all individuals with individual attitudes, tastes, belief systems so on and so forth, but when it comes to overt social pressure or even subtler unconscious influence of others, we tend to give in. Experiments have shown that infants prefer toys that align to their own preferences. In one experiment a baby was given the task of choosing its favourite stuffed puppet. Two puppets were given as alternatives, one of which mimicked the reactions of the infant by responding similarly to unpleasant food and one that didn’t mimic the reactions. The babies always chose the puppet with the same food preference. There’s a strong innate tendency of preference for people who are like us. And if they’re not like us, we sometimes become like them. Can a majority of people be so far off? ”Of course they can”, do I care? “No!” So let there be no doubt, most people like our music and you better like, too ^^.

2. Sympathy due to exposure frequency

This effect is such a no brainer and sounds more complicated than it really is. In a nutshell, familiarity breeds content. The frequency of seeing someone you know will automatically increase the sympathy you will have for this person. This is one of the strongest marketing tools of the music industry. No matter how fucking awful a song is, playing it constantly (Radio, TV etc.) everywhere you go will eventually make you like that song. Yes I’m talking to you WHAM with your bloody “Last Christmas”.

3. Context and Contrast

This is our very own Ebbinghouse Illusion (first described by Hermann Ebbinghaus).

The two circles in the middle are in fact the same size. Being compared always involves being compared to something that is bigger/smaller better/worse etc. That is why talented people have a better chance of becoming famous, but not always. Always keep in mind that there’s nothing without Context and Contrast. A bit to Philosophical, so let’s move on …

4. The Halo effect

Nope it’s not falling from a chair due to dehydration, after playing halo for 3 consecutive days. The ‘halo effect’ is a classic finding in social psychology. It is the idea that global evaluations about a person are generalized to specific traits. For Example, Michael is an amazing singer, so he must also be an inspiring chap during a conversation or Martin’s Bass is so smooth, I bet he makes Irish Miller Reserve Whisky taste like liquid barbed wire. So being a great musician can also make you a great person. Well that’s what everyone else believes. Lady Gaga is still a bloody whore with her ridiculous outfits and Keith Richards is still a dirty old man, who doesn’t give a shit. I mean, granted, it can go both ways, but those last 2 statements are a fact.

5. Worship

There’s probably a worshiping trait in all of us and in these godless times it wouldn’t surprise me to find someone worshipping Justin Bieber’s hair. (For more information read Dawkins). In the end it’s our own fragmented and partially boring lives that breed the urge of escaping into a different the world, and for some into a world of celebrity. An innocent projection of an unstable Identity? Sorry for the psycho blabla, there’s a big portion of unaccounted Variance and probably boils down to mere chance or a spaghetti monster. Whatever you do, don’t think critically and buy our album.

So in other words, please …

Make us famous ^^

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01 Dez
Welcome to the official Website of Ebbinghouse

A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a musician.
Enter the Mind of Ebbinghouse, a musical experiment that will get you humming some of their unusual tunes.
This is Ebbinghouse’s first approach of establishing a solid internet presence. I suppose it’s a good alternative to Fakebook, Twatter, Flickr, Bricker, Myplace and HAL’s weblog of taking over the planet; and don’t forget to check out our merchandise page while you’re at it.
This website will inform you about future events and concerts.

I now invite you to broaden your senses – no illicit drugs needed – just tune into Ebbinghouse.

video by www.inthatlittletown.at

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